It is spring 1908 as the pale hue faithfully reappears in the Blue Ridge Mountains; but it could be any point in time, any place. Georgia, a Germanic beauty, is in love with handsome and dashing Bentley. Caught in the madness, illusion and glory of first love, neither understands that the cosmic fate of that love will usher extraordinary events into their lives. Later friends and acquaintances are dismayed to learn the truth about their love affair that will affect several generations. How can this be? Read more

About I.B. Wells

Irvin B. Wells, III, a native of Southwest Virginia, and a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, was a Special Agent of the FBI for 26 years. He served in five field divisions and at FBI Headquarters on two occasions, gaining investigative experience in the criminal field and in foreign counterintelligence (counter-espionage). At the time of his retirement he was Special Agent in Charge of the Norfolk Virginia Field Division. Read more

Excerpt from the Book

The graceful bare limbs of the trees in the Blue Ridge Mountains stood in stark, wintry elegance the day the secret was revealed. Like the lovely, naked forest stripped of its leafy mantle, the truth, if only in part, was exposed, adorned solely by its own harsh reality. Read more

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